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I had the most exciting ride home yesterday.

First, we had to wait for a guy who was delayed by his supervisor. The first time he was called, he said he was shutting down his system. That got us talking about similar incidents. The owner of the car told us of a guy that told him he was already downstairs, coming towards the car. The car owner then decided to quickly ease himself and all that. After spending about 20 minutes doing that, he came out and called the other guy, who told him he was still on his way. In annoyance, the car owner said he left the other guy. My question is this, why do we tend to behave like that?




The guy we were waiting for finally came and we got on to talking about being a J.J.C (Johnny just come in Lagos). The representative J.J.C in our midst let us into his experience trying to understand Lagos roads. He said the major reason for his confusion is that in most parts of Lagos, the road travelled to get to a place is not necessarily the same as the return route. He was supported by former J.J.Cs who have finally acclimatized. What do you think? is the Lagos road network complicated? My major challenge with Lagos is that there are too many people in a hurry (going nowhere, of course).


Then one of the guys got a call from someone who wanted to see him. We got on to talking about people who only remember you at month end. One of the guys said he always escapes them by telling them he is ‘offshore’ whenever they call him. (So, if your engineer relative, friend etc tells u he’s offshore at month end, he/she may just be escaping from you, lol). One of them brought up the story of a man whose wife ‘suddenly’ put to bed, wondering if 9 months is not enough notice for one to plan.


Those were the high points of my ‘Ride in the Car with Engineers’ yesterday. Clearly one of the liveliest rides I’ve had.

Have a nice day!


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