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A Slap I Will Never Forget

I was forced to remember this slap by a post I saw recently…

It all began that fateful night when I had to borrow my friend’s plate after dinner…Actually, it all began the day I lost my plate but I lost too many plates to remember how I lost that particular one, lol.That night, I had to wait for Junior girls (JSS1-3) to finish eating (I was a Junior girl) and borrow someone’s plate to eat my own food. As I just finished eating, it was time for Senior girls to have their own dinner (Most Junior girls had gone for night reading ‘prep’).

I was rushing for prep when one of the Senior girls asked me to ‘borrow’ her the plate. Borrowing her the plate meant washing the plate for her, waiting for her to finish eating and then washing the plate afterwards (assuming she was kind enough to give me the plate afterwards). If she chose not to return the plate, I would have to go to my friend to tell her ‘stories that touch’ about her plate. I was already notorious for losing things so she really went on a limb to lend me that plate, lol.

I am not too sure where the courage came from but I was sure this Senior girl would not get THIS plate from me. We started a battle for the plate. She pulled from one side, I pulled back from another side…

Suddenly, I saw ‘stars’…I became dizzy and weak suddenly.

milky way galaxy during nighttime
Photo by Hristo Fidanov on

After about a minute, I realized the tug of war was over and the plate was no longer in my possession. I had to sit for about 5 minutes before it occurred to me that I just received a BLINDING slap…

A small victory for me was that I didn’t wait for her to finish eating in order to wash the plate. Instead, I foolishly went to report her to my ‘guardian’…I sincerely can’t remember if I got the plate back or not…I faintly remember telling my friend ‘stories that touch’ about her plate…She is such a good-natured person; we are still friends till date…Now I wonder if it would have been wiser to have just waited, collected the plate and washed it…All my ‘reporting’ didn’t get me back the plate and I still missed that ‘prep’. My reputation as a ‘careless girl’ was further confirmed…Uhmmm

Anyway, I felt happy when that same Senior girl finally got herself suspended for some other unruly act…I think the effect of the slap is yet to wear off 20 years plus after…That may be the cause of some of my inexplicable antics…Any typos on this post are directly traceable to that slap…Lol


Have you had a brain resetting slap before? Do you wish to share? You can leave a comment or send an email.


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