The Tentmakers

Communication – The Fuel For Business

Good day.

It’s been a while. I guess I’m ‘guilty’ of what I am about to write about. COMMUNICATION! Your entire business/career depends on communication.
I placed an order and I was told that the order would be delivered on a certain day. The day went past and there was no delivery. Neither was there an explanation for the non-delivery. I think the goods were delivered about a day or two late and I’m still waiting for a reason why. I know I would have heard from my supplier if my payment was delayed, lol.
Sometimes, it’s little foxes like this that make people take their business elsewhere. I don’t know if there is an issue as this is a bit unusual for this supplier. I have given her the benefit of the doubt and checked with her. Some of our customers may not feel obligated to do what I have done.
As I noted, it is not usual for her to be silent. Unfortunately, some of us need to brush up on our communication skills. I know there are all shades of customers. However, we have to be careful with OUR own attitudes too. That may be what is triggering our clients’ offensive behaviors.
Like one of my colleagues pointed out, there is no point fighting with your client (except on ethical grounds) because you’ll eventually lose. Take time to understand what the complaint is really about and address their issues as much as you can.
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