The Tentmakers

Learning From Past Mistakes/Successes

Good day. How are you doing?

Today’s Tip is – Learn from past successes/mistakes and the successes/mistakes of others

I had a lengthy discussion with a colleague in the course of the week on this topic. I told him that it is silly to rely solely on one’s experiences when making decisions. There is great value in learning from the successes/mistakes of others.When faced with a new task, I think there is value in checking with someone that has done the task before. Listen carefully to them. Whether you’re talking with someone that successfully completed the task or one that did not, the steps they describe will guide you on how to go about YOUR task.


Some may try to discourage you from the task but try to get them to tell you why they think the task is so difficult. Listen to the real obstacles they’re talking about and ask the Lord to show you how to deal with that obstacle (once you’re sure you’re on the path God wants you to go).

Please share your views and experiences.

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