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Tips on Registering a Business Name in Nigeria

Hello everyone.

Someone asked if I could help with registering a company in Nigeria. As a committed learner, I told him that wasn’t part of the current scope of services of The Tentmakers but I’ll ask around.

I quickly asked in the few networking channels I have and the answers are pouring in…I’ve got some helpful tips that I think are worth sharing. Please use this ONLY as a guide; seek professional help…


1. Go to the Corporate Affairs Commission and do an “Availability Search” with 3 or more proposed names and 2 photographs.

2. Approval of Business Name may take up to 2 weeks.

3. Once the Business Name is approved, you’ll have to get a Business Name Registration Form.

4. The supporting documentation for the form include:

– Photocopy of identity card;

– 2 Passport Photograph

– Magistrate Court Seal

– Utility Bill

5. Upon submission of the Business Name Registration Form, you’ll be advised about the fees to be paid.

Contact us for more information. Let’s help you get your business name registered.



Tips on Registering A Company

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