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Tips on Registering a Company in Nigeria

Today, Aderonke Adekoya will be giving us tips on registering a Company in Nigeria.

First and foremost, you apply for a search at the Corporate Affairs Commission. This takes about 3 days. One of the 3 names presented will be approved by the Commission.

Then you will get the CAC form.

Fill the particulars of Directors and the object clause of the company.

The article of Assoociation will have to be prepared as a seperate document.



After filling the CAC form, all the directors and subscribers will have to sign and present their I.D cards.

Necessary fees will be paid, then the CAC form will be presented for filling at the Corporate Affairs Commision by accredited persons.

Accredited persons are Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Chartered Secretaries who have been accredicted with the Commission.


Aderonke Adekoya is a Legal Practitioner and she can help you with registering your Business Name/Company. Contact Us  for more information.



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