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Tales From The Road – This Monster Called Corruption

So, I’m in this bus and we got to a bad patch of road. As usual, police are there doing their thing (whatever that is). Our bus driver refused to cooperate with the policeman so Oga police asked the bus driver for his driver’s license (who has tried to get theirs in recent times? That’s a series of post right there. I’ll share my experience when I have the time). This driver obviously doesn’t have a driver’s license (note to self: Always ask for the driver’s license before boarding a commercial vehicle…Wish me all the best, lol).

So, Mr. Driver sits in his bus after a failed argument with Oga Police. Oga Police has walked away at this time. A wicked thought that I almost voiced was “Mr. Driver, go and give Oga Police what he wants na so you can save our time”…I immediately begin to bind and cast down the thought, considering the magic wand that “change agents” are waving to make corruption a thing of the past…
As we sat there for about 3 minutes, one aunty like that sitting on the row before mine was the first to voice out…
Aunty: Oga, abeg go down go follow Oga Police talk na. You’re wasting our time.
AMA (in my mind): Which kain parable is this aunty speaking? How should Mr. Driver “talk” to Oga Police na? Didn’t you see that they couldn’t reach an agreement?
At that point, one Uncle on the same row as Aunty adds his voice.
Uncle: Oga, go and give Oga Police what he wants joor and let’s leave this place.
AMA (in my mind): Now the parable is getting clearer.
Mr. Driver went to Oga Police to “talk”. Maybe he found his driver’s license on the ground on his way to Oga Police. All I know is that somehow, he and Oga Police were able to resolve their differences and we were allowed to move. I forgot to ask Mr. Driver for his driver’s license when I was alighting. I was too annoyed with where he made his “last bus stop”…
This monster called corruption sha…
Anyway, I saw one building like that where the share prices of companies like Tantalizers, Transcorp etc were displayed. I assume it’s the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange in Lagos? Nice building, appalling surroundings…
In other news, the BRT fare from CMS to Lekki/Ikate/Jakande used to be 100 Naira, now it’s 150 Naira. Why na? Which kain change be dis?
Welcome to my world.

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