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Is Goat Meat Healthy?


I came across this piece about goat meat. It is a rather lengthy piece so I’ve reproduced some excerpts.

It’ll be great if nutritionists and #FriendlyHealthWorkers respond to the claims. Some seem a bit much to me…
Goat meat. A new superfood for weight loss and health or a fake?

Goat meat vs Fish vs Beef vs Pork

Goat meat is well-known for its rich amount of various vitamins that are highly essential for normal functionality of our body. For example, it is full of vital B-vitamins that help you to overcome stress, fight with free radicals, helps with acne problems, reduces signs of skin aging, produces hormones like testosterone, makes skin, nails and hair beautiful and healthy etc.

Just like mutton, goat meat contains important Omega-6, that are super important nowadays, as they can help you to protect yourself from cancer.

Goat meat taste is as incredible as its ability to improve immune and inflammatory function, improve bone mass, regulation of sugar blood, decrease of body fat and so on.

Goat meat is a real depository of vitamin B and Omega-6s

Compared with beef, goat meat contains more protein than beef and even less fat than chicken.

Goat meat is much lower in calories, total fat and cholesterol than pork.

Because of its minimal level of saturated fat and cholesterol and a combination of iron and protein, goat meat is as healthy as fish and is one of the healthiest red meats.

That is why goat meat is a healthier choice compared to the same amount of beef, pork and even fish.

You can read the full article here.

#FriendlyHealthWorkers, please advise on the validity of these claims.

Welcome to my world!

Because #FoodMatters


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