Food Matters

Food Matters: Peppered Jollof Rice

I went for my annual medical tests today.

You can read the full gist about my Tales From The Road and my Annual Medical Check up story.

When I was done with the medicals, I decided to get something to eat. I was asked to come fasting for my tests.

As I got to Adeniran Ogunsanya junction on Bode Thomas, I was confronted with making a choice from Chicken Republic, Sweet Sensation and Mr Biggs.

I was tempted to go to Sweet Sensation but I settled for Chicken Republic. At the entrance, my hungry eyes saw the promo “Refuel Meals still 500 Naira”. I was sure that what was in the picture was noodles. I was already doing cartwheels in my mind…

I met 2 fine NYSC ladies and I thought it was cool that they were treating themselves instead of waiting for a man to take them out for a treat. I have no qualms with men taking ladies out, I just don’t like the idea of a lady always waiting for a man to take her out.

The attendant took my order and told me that what looked like noodles in the picture was actually spaghetti. If the NYSC ladies listened well, they could have heard what sounded like a deflating balloon coming from my body. The attendant must have seen my disappointment. He told me there was a Jollof Rice “Refuel Meal” alternative.

I guess he “mistakenly” left out the fact that what he was offering me was the “Refuel Meal Max” and that this one cost 800 Naira, not 500 Naira. My hungry eyes would not have minded, though. I just don’t like someone pulling a fast one on me.

I sat to eat my meal and the pepper made me wonder if the spaghetti refuel meal would have been a better option. I wonder why they would assume that everyone loves “peppered jollof”.


I kept wondering if it would have been wiser to get home and eat instead of the punishment I inflicted on myself with the jollof rice. My consolation was that the moin-moin compensated for the “sins” of the Jollof.

Don’t ask me to rate anything please, I can’t shout…



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