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Trash, Medical Tests and Voters Registration

Yesterday, I had to go for my annual medical check-up. I also planned to get to the INEC office to check the status of my PVC, as I need to change my surname and my ward. I had gone to INEC some time last year to fill the forms and I was asked to return in January for the PVC.

I decided to go for my check-up first since I was asked to fast for the test. I kept thinking of people that cannot fast. How would they do the test?
How do people that cannot fast get their fasting blood sugar tested?
Anyway, I got ready and headed to the hospital. I had gone the previous day and used an overhead bridge where my eyes saw “Nigeria wonder”. I saw a motorcycle using the overhead bridge to avoid making a proper U-turn. I was “flabberwhelmed” and “overgasted”. W-H-A-T?
Anyway, back to yesterday… I started hearing what sounded like a trailer on the overhead bridge. I was “shook”. ‘How would this bridge carry the weight of a trailer?’, I thought. These people play too much…
I borrowed ‘liver’ and looked around. Behold, it was an older woman in a “Lord’s Chosen” apron that was blowing the horn that sounded like a trailer. I felt my heart walking back into my body.
I managed to get to Orile without drama. As I tried to cross the road, I saw a heap of rubbish lying carelessly at the bus stop. I remembered an update that Ugochi Nwanze had made about her team needing pictures for the #PickThatTrash campaign. I sharply took refuse pictures at Orile, Opeloyeru Street and Eric Moore Crescent in Surulere. We definitely cannot ignore trash without setting ourselves up for an epidemic. Keeping Lagos clean is a collective effort. The government and the citizens should do their part to help keep Lagos clean. Itesiwaju ilu Eko lo je wa l’ogun. NYSC can consider a project that helps with keeping Lagos clean. I think it will be a laudable one. Abi how you see am?
I did my business at the hospital. You can read my Annual Medical Check-up story. Then, I had to eat so that hunger would not finish my ‘enemy’. You can read my Peppery Jollof tales.
I went to the INEC office and met a crowd. It was as if people were going to get paid for owning PVCs. I congratulated myself mentally for owning one. I asked someone why there were so many people compared to when I went there last year. I was told that there were some awareness initiatives by INEC. I was quite impressed.
The lady that attended to me told me that she knew me well. I assumed that she saw me when I went there last year. After telling me about the delay in the supply of PVCs due to “technical hitches”, she told me that it was not at INEC she knew me. She said she knew me from when we used to spend holidays with my cousins. She called everybody’s names and I was like “Erm, you know me dele dele”. She gave me her number. That’s how me sef know pessin for INEC oooo… Lol.
As I left the INEC office, I saw one lady asking herself “What are they doing in this place?” I quickly seized the opportunity to tell her that it was INEC office and that voters’ registration was ongoing. She said she had misplaced her card but she also needed to change her name and ward. The size of the crowd put her off but she promised to return later to sort out the PVC issues. 2019 will definitely be lit!
I got home and read a BC from a Christian group about Moslems registering to vote massively so that they can bring in fellow Moslems. It was allegedly sent by an INEC official. I dislike playing one religion against the other. However, I will grit my teeth and smile IF that strategy gets voters to register. We can’t keep complaining and expecting angels to bring the change we desire.
Anyway, that’s how the day went. Welcome to my world!

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