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Kokonte and Groundnut Soup

Kokonte is a popular food in Ghana and other parts of West Africa.

Kokonte is usually made out of dried cassava.

Kokonte is very nutritive as it contains adequate amounts of protein and very little fat.

Kokonte with soups such as okra, palm-nut or groundnut soups go well together.

Kokonte is prepared in a similar way as fufu but is a lighter food as compared to fufu.

Groundnuts are also known as peanuts especially in parts of America.


Groundnuts are legumes which are among the best sources of plant protein.

Apart from being nutritive, groundnuts are very tasty.

Most of the time, groundnuts are roasted and eaten as a snack. Sometimes groundnuts are used to make groundnut soup.

How to prepare kokonte:


Kokonte flour (powder).


1. Place water in a pot (Preferably an iron pot that is locally known as dadasen) and let it boil.

2. When the water begins to boil, fetch some of it and put aside.

3. Add the kokonte flour to the boiling water and continuously stir so that the lumps are not formed.

4. Press the kokonte to one side of your pot, cover it and allow the kokonte to cook for about fifteen minutes.

5. Roll the kokonte into balls with your hands.

Serve while hot.

Groundnut Soup:


Garlic cloves
Parsley Peanut butter paste


1. Season the chicken with onions, salt, paprika and pepper then put aside.

2. Heat the oil in a big pot ever relatively low heat. Pour in the chicken and stir.

3. Blend the onions, garlic, tomatoes and parsley. Add the mixture to the pot containing the chicken, let it boil and simmer until the chicken is tender. (Be careful not to overcook.)

4. Add the peanut butter taste and water. Allow it to simmer for approximately 5 minutes.

Serve with either rice, kokonte or any other starchy meal.

Note that either beef or fish can be used in place of chicken depending on what you want.

Source: Eagleee

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