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Eketa Omo – Episode 1

The adventures of Solape and her identical twin siblings Ololade and Omolola. She came 14 months after they were born and bears striking resemblance to them so she easily passes off as their triplet and ÈKÉTA OMO.
(Saturday evening. At home. Solape enters Ololade’s room)
Solape: Lolade, can I have the top, please?
Ololade: (looking confused) What top?
Solape: Ahn ahn, the top I asked to borrow na. The wine top.
Ololade: (sudden realisation) Oh my God! I totally forgot. Ha, there’s been a misunderstanding o. I lent it to Molola yesterday. She’s wearing it to the singles’ gala this evening.
Solape: What? But I asked first. I told you my group’s colour code is wine and I don’t have a wine top or anything wine for that matter. What will I wear now, ehn?
Ololade: (sober) Sorry. I totally forgot. I didn’t remember that I already promised you the top when Molola asked for it.
(Solape storms to Omolola’s room)
Solape: Molola! Molola!!
Omolola: What’s it? Why are you shouting my name like that? What do you want?

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