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Adanna and Friends – Episode 1

Adanna writes lovely poetry. One day, she musters courage and shares one of her poems online.

Commenter 1: Lovely poetry. You really should start a blog.

Thanks for your kind words.

Commenter 2:
You write lovely poems. You really should compile them in a book. It will be a bestseller.

Thanks for your kind words. I will think about it.
6 days later…

Adanna’s mind: Adanna, sit down. I want to talk to you.

Yes mind, I am now sitting and listening.

Adanna’s mind:
Adanna, Adanna, Adanna… How many times did I call you?

Three times. I don’t mean to be brash but mind, please go straight to the point.

Adanna’s mind:
Ngwanu… If you now mean to be brash nko?
Anyway, you need to call Chukwuma to design that blog for you. The voice of the people is the voice of God. Don’t let 2018 pass you by. You can make enough billions to move into your own Banana Island mansion.

Sorry I was brash. You have spoken well…

Adanna called Chukwuma immediately, negotiated and agreed to pay Chukwuma 50k as down payment and pay 30k monthly for him to help her maintain the blog.
The first blog post was published and Adanna shared the link on her Facebook and Twitter profiles. After 3 days, she had 2 views, 0 likes and 0 comments on the blog. She had 2 likes on the Facebook and one of the likes was hers. She had no comments on the post.
Adanna is wondering what happened to Commenter 1 that advised her to start a blog. He has since gone cold turkey on her.

She is also wondering where all the people that typically have a “Gbam” or “Word” for her posts are. Where did the love go?

Her mind tried to tell her to compile the poems in a book but she told her mind to keep quiet…

If you are in Adanna’s shoes or know someone like Adanna, you can join us in the TTM Today group.

If it’s Adanna’s gist that you are interested in, I’ll continue sharing the gist here. Stay tuned for “Adanna and friends”.

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