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Adanna and Friends – Episode 2

Adanna got a few tips from the TTM Today group and her blog is beginning to get some traffic. Of course, she is not yet making any money to build her Banana Island mansion but the statistics she is seeing on her blog is making her hopeful.


She renegotiated with Chukwuma and she feels she is getting better value for her money. She is not yet earning from the blog but she has signed up for the upcoming Tentmakers training where she would learn how she can earn as a blogger.

She gisted her colleague, Jumoke, about the whole blogging experience over lunch last Tuesday.

Jumoke told her to thank God that Chukwuma has the fear of God. She then went on to narrate a tale that would qualify as a Super Story script.

According to Jumoke, someone convinced her to set up an online store for her family business. They paid 500 thousand Naira to set up the online store. They were paying the Web Admin 50 thousand Naira monthly for 2 years. They did not sell one litre of palm oil.

When they raised the issue with the website administrator, he told them that they were being impatient and they needed to give it time to grow.

Jumoke suspected that the guy was just chopping their money and doing nothing. Jumoke’s husband, Femi, was convinced that the website administrator was a honest man and Jumoke was just being paranoid. The person that introduced the website administrator was a bosom friend.

Adanna’s mouth was ajar… Jumoke had to remind Adanna to close the mouth. Adanna had a 1pm meeting so they agreed to continue the gist later. Adanna also promised to add Jumoke to the Startup corner group so she can also pick up a few tips to grow the family food business.

Stay tuned for more of “Adanna and friends”.

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