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Adanna and Friends – Episode 3

Adanna added Jumoke to the Start-up corner group. Jumoke was full of thanks. Adanna sought Jumoke’s permission to share her “super story” experience with the Web Designer, Peter, on her Facebook wall.

The number of reactions, comments and shares shocked Adanna. Many of the “ghosts” in her friend list appeared on that post. People that would not comment on her posts normally, though she would notice their comments on mutual friends’ posts, commented and tagged others. She was stunned by the way social media took the story. She was happy that she asked for Jumoke’s permission before sharing because the story hit major blogs and a few TV and radio shows used it as discussion topics.

Adanna got so many friend requests on Facebook and Twitter as a result of the story.
pexels-photo-296115.jpeg Two Days Later…

Jumoke showed up at work looking like something the cat dragged in. After much pestering and probing, she told Adanna that the web designer had spoken with her husband’s bosom friend, Segun, who made the connection. Peter said he felt embarrassed that his name was being dragged in the mud. Segun discussed Peter’s concerns with Femi, Jumoke’s husband.

Femi was furious when he got back home. He got into a big fight with Jumoke and accused her of being a blabbermouth. Jumoke asked him why Peter felt the stories on the blogs and traditional media were about him, if he was not shortchanging them. It took the intervention of neighbours to broker peace that night.


Jumoke was advised to keep private matters off social media. The general consensus was that it’s not all that the eyes see that the mouth talks about. She was advised not to allow unmarried Adanna scatter her home.
Adanna felt terrible about the reference to her marital status. She had quite a couple of failed relationships but had tried to put them behind her. The reference to her marital status reopened old wounds. She cried for a few minutes after she got home that night.

She made an update on her Facebook profile and Twitter handle:

“God’s delay is not God’s denial. Be encouraged”.

She cleaned her tears and went to find something to eat. She watched some TV shows while eating. When she checked her phone again, she had 72 notifications on Facebook. Her latest post had been shared 10 times, she had 70 reactions and 50 comments.

Three of the comments stood out to her. One Wale said that he needed to hear what she posted as he had been depressed all day feeling like he was not making any progress in life. She liked his comment and responded with “I’m glad I could be of help“. She then sent him a message inbox to follow up and ensure that he was okay. He responded almost immediately and they chatted for about 15 minutes.

The second comment that made her smile was from Ngozi. Ngozi wrote “Preach, Pastor Adanna“. Ngozi was her secondary school buddy. They had lost touch but they reconnected on Facebook 2 years ago via a Christian women Facebook group. They were gist partners and they had met up a few times since they reconnected on Facebook. She replied with “Thanks Pastor Ngozi. We have gist o. Let’s meet in that our special corner“. Several people replied asking for directions to the special corner. Everyone was goofing around and she was having a good time bonding with her people. They carried themselves to their WhatsApp gist corner and Adanna gisted her people about Jumoke’s sub. They all roasted Jumoke, her husband, the web designer and the aproko neighbours.


Adanna felt better and prepared to go to bed. Her phone beeped and she saw a comment from a certain James. He was probably one of the new friends she made. He wrote:
Please, I’ll like to discuss a business proposal with you. Can I send you a message?
Adanna responded with “Sure, please give me a few minutes to respond“.

After cleaning her make-up, washing her face and tying her silk scarf to ensure that her natural hair does not break, she settled down to read James’ message. James wrote:
I read your poems and I love them. I also love how amiable you are.”
Adanna responded with “Thanks“.
James continued “I just published a book ’25 Ways To Use Social Media To Grow Your Business’. I’ll like you to help me advertise my book on your platforms“.

Adanna’s mind: “Banana Island, here we come. How much is a plot of land there sef?

Adanna responded with “Awesome. Please let me give it a bit of thought. Can you check with me in 3 days? I’ll have an answer for you then. Thanks for reaching out“.
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