The Tentmakers

Tentmakers Wisdom Capsule – 30012018

I find it easy to go through emails and glean wisdom almost daily. I’ll try to share these tips as often as I can.

Let’s get started with today’s wisdom capsule.

A young lady sent me a message on WhatsApp, asking me to help her with “upping her game” on social media for her one stop shop. I shared a few tips with her and invited her to sign up for my Maximize Your Online Presence training. We chatted a bit about it and she asked for my social media handles to look me up before making a commitment. I told her that I am impressed with her response; she is the kind of person I like working with. That’s part of what I consider as DUE DILIGENCE. Please do some background checks before you part with your money. I can’t shout.

Now, I’m reading this Shopify blog post about Surprising Day Jobs That Set Up These 10 Entrepreneurs for Success. It’s a great read. A former zookeeper picked up multitasking, juggling irregular hours, customer service as entrepreneurial skills to help as she runs her own business today. A former social worker currently uses the skills learnt on the job -listening, customer service/care, versatility, problem-solving – in her current business. I keep seeing debates about which is better, paid employment or starting a business. I think people should do what works for them. However, if you plan to run a successful business, I recommend that you get some work experience, if you can. You’ll find it helpful for so many reasons. Read the post and let’s know what you think.

Next was this Bplans quiz/blog post, Are You Entrepreneur Material?.

I took the quiz and I learnt that I need a mentor. Oya o, mentors, who wants to adopt me, lol.

Try the quiz and let us know your results.

The article talks about handling failure well, being able to lead a team, having a sound business plan etc. Read the blog post and let me know what you think…

Finally, I read this excellent blog post from She Leads Africa on How To Be A Closet Entrepreneur
There are a few tips for you, if you want them.

That’s all from the Tentmakers Wisdom Capsule this week.

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