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Poultry Farming in Nigeria

Poultry Farming is probably one of the most lucrative in the world especially when it is setup and managed properly. Nigeria is not an exception. The quick maturity of chickens makes it an attractive business opportunity.

It is estimated that there are about 60 million or more daily consumers of poultry products.

Poultry feed management is key in minimizing the risks associated with this business. In order to obtain optimal growth rates, highly nutritious poultry feed must be provided to the birds. Also, the poultry farmer needs to ensure that bird infections are minimized as much as possible and that infected birds are QUICKLY identified to minimize the spread of infection to other birds.

Poultry farming is relatively established in the country so required inputs are generally available in-country.



There are many segments one can focus on and still retain the name “Poultry Farmer”. Here are some:

  • Egg productions (Layers breeding)
  • Meat production (Broilers breeding)
  • Chicken breeding (Hatchery)
  • Poultry feed production
  • Poultry equipment and manufacturing
  • Egg and meat processing, packaging and marketing
  • Poultry farming and consultancy

Capital Requirements

This depends on the scale of poultry farming to be engaged in and which segment one is interested in. Please leave a comment to get a fair estimate of what is required to start the specific business you have in mind.


Good quality nutritious food is the key for successful poultry farming business. Poultry feeds include:

  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Corn
  • Millet
  • Skim Milk and Butter Milk
  • Grain By-products
  • Fish Oil

Please leave a comment or send an email if you’ll like to know where to get affordable poultry feed. Poultry feed suppliers can also send information about their products.

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