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Tentmakers Wisdom Capsule 07022018

I started out today with this Bplans article – “How to Build a Boss Brand [Part I]”. I picked up this catchy catch phrase “combine passion, purpose, people, and profits”.

Key learnings

  • To get your #BossBrand running
    • Pick a name
    • Register your business name
    • Create your logo
    • Develop your business plan
    • Get busy on social media (create/curate useful content related to your brand).
    • Build your website
    • Track and measure actions and results
    • Make and use business cards
    • Keep things simple and take action

You can read the full article here.


Next, I read this Shopify discussion forum post about improving Google rankings. Here are the things I learnt:

  • To improve your Google rankings when people search for “XYZ”, consider putting “XYZ” in your title and meta description.
  • Do a Keyword Research
  • Note that the obvious seed keywords may be highly competitive – making it harder for you to rank against other websites.
  • Make sure you work on getting external links using your keyword phrase as well
  • Try finding out where your target audience is mostly present and how will they find you. If you have local business then Local Submissions will be great to start with.
  • You should consider & target long-term keywords instead of single keywords.
  • Optimize your title tag and meta tags with your main business keywords.
  • Your homepage is the strongest page of your website, so start your SEO efforts there.
  • In addition to the Meta Titles and Descriptions, you should ensure that the content on the page also includes these same keywords – this content includes Titles (H1, H2, H3 etc titles in the HTML) as well as some body copy (a few paragraphs to start with), again, to allow google to “read” your page and figure out what it is your site is about. Make sure any images on the page have ALT text, again, including informative and relevant descriptions of the images (again, with the odd keyword in here).
  • Don’t try and STUFF keywords in willy nilly and at every given opportunity. Google is smart, and if it reads text which is clearly OVER optimised, it will have the opposite effect on what you are after.

Mobile Week

Then, I picked a few tips from Vaida. She is a Digital marketer living in Nairobi. Some of the tips include:

  • When building your online brand:
    • Make sure you understand your audience, their needs, and why they interact with you.
    • Create an online persona that is fun and captivating at the same time.
    • Be consistent. Make sure you post when you are supposed to.
    • Take time to appreciate your customers e.g. through give aways.
    • Remember to have fun. Captivating your audience is trial and error. Have fun while at it.

Taking a cue from Vaida, I have a few EBooks to give away for those that want to master social media marketing. Click here to get started. Also, if you are a regular Jumia shopper based in Nigeria, you can get up to 25% shipping discounts for your outside Lagos orders worth 10,000 Naira and above. Click here to get started.


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