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Adanna and Friends Episode 4

Adanna was having a tough time at work. Jumoke had gisted practically everyone that cared to listen how Adanna nearly ruined her marriage. Office folks gathered to judge and found Adanna “guilty” of betraying Jumoke by sharing what Jumoke shared privately with her. According to them, it didn’t matter if Jumoke had given her consent or not. Adanna should have known better.

Adanna started giving them all space and spending more time with her phone. She spent her free time writing and sharing her poetry. She used the tips she learnt from the “Maximize Your Online Presence” course and her blog was getting great traffic and engagement, though the money had not really started rolling in.

She had met with James and she liked what his book, though there were a few grammatical errors. James agreed to pay her to advertise his book on her blog and on her social media platforms. Adanna was supposed to get back to him with her fees but she wasn’t sure how to charge him. She sent a message to the Admin of TTM Today group, who gave her some counsel.

She had also been chatting with Wale who had reached out to her about wanting to commit suicide. He seemed to be doing better. He likes and comments on everything Adanna writes and has started getting quite territorial. Adanna made a mental note to ask Wale to tone it down.

Jumoke really felt terrible about alienating Adanna. She missed their chats and having lunch together. Adanna always had something wise or funny to help her get through the day. She considered apologizing to Adanna but she kept remembering the advice her neighbours gave her about making friends with an unmarried woman.

She was also having a terrible time with Femi. He had asked her to leave the Startup Corner group simply because Adanna added her to the group. He refused to budge even when she told him that the ideas that were helping them grow their palm oil business all came from the group. Her parents asked her to obey her husband and not let a Facebook group destroy her home. She listened to her parents and left the group.

This morning, she logged on to Twitter and saw that Peter had tagged the Twitter account she set up for the Palm Oil business, claiming that they owed him money for his services and instead of paying him, they were going from blog to blog, tarnishing his image.

Femi sent Jumoke a nasty message telling her that it was all her fault. She should have let sleeping dogs lie… Jumoke felt drained!
Peter was happy with the way the news was trending. Major blogs had shared his tweets. Femi and Jumoke were getting bashed seriously. He had even set up some fake accounts to add some fake stories about the couple.
Someone asked for evidence. He noted the profile name of the “investigator”. When he was done with Femi & Jumoke, he would move on to Adanna then settle scores with @jamesthebusinesscoach, Mr Investigator.
He got busy creating his “evidence”.
The tweets were good for his business too. A few people had sent him messages asking him to build them websites. Someone asked for his account details and paid in thirty thousand Naira.
What a fabulous day!
Femi kept looking at the notifications. His boss had summoned him and asked him to fix the mess quickly. The company had put out a statement informing the public that the matter was being investigated. Femi was advised to deactivate his social media accounts. He also received a query about running a palm oil business while working for an agricultural company. The employee handbook clearly mentioned that as a conflict of interest scenario.
Femi cursed the day he asked Jumoke to be his wife…
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