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Growing The Naira Through Local Consumption


I saw an update this morning about why some women will not be bullied into the “Buy Nigerian goods” campaign being pushed primarily to fight this “runaway” exchange rate, as a Tentmaker put it.
Then, some of my colleagues discussed the craze by Nigerians for foreign goods. It was a very enlightening discussion.
As I got to the Supermarket to buy sugar, I was shown a local alternative to my regular foreign brand. I said “No” to the local alternative and was heading to the shelf where the foreign brand was. Somehow, my mind went back to the post and the discussion with my colleagues. I looked at the price of the local alternative – 70 Naira; I checked the price of the foreign brand – 290 Naira. I decided to buy the local brand (though it’s granulated while the foreign brand is in cubes).
250g of the local brand is sold for 70 Naira (or even less) while 474g of the foreign brand goes for 290 Naira. 474g of the local brand will cost 132.72 Naira. That’s half of what the foreign brand costs…
I have to ask how we’re expecting to grow if we’ll rather spend twice the amount on foreign brands than we would on local brands.

This is not a paid advert for the local brand; this is a frank assessment of our consumption patterns. Your thoughts are highly appreciated…


Update: We may complain about the consumption patterns of politicians all we want but everyone has their own part to play. If Nasco does not work for you, there is Infinity. There are a couple of local sugar brands to pick from. We can all do something to improve the economy.

There goes my Valentine unsolicited advice, lol.

Because #FoodMatters

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