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Adanna and Friends Episode 5

Adanna could not wait for Saturday. She was meeting up with some members of a food group she joined on Facebook. They planned to meet up to cook. They had planned for about 2 months and the D-day was finally here.

She had added James and Wale to the group and they were both coming for the Cooking Hangout. She had been chatting with both of them heavily for the past two months.

Wale had started seeing a Christian counselor that was helping him sort through his issues. He was diagnosed with depression and was receiving treatment. His chats with Adanna also helped him a lot.

The chats helped Adanna too. She felt useful and helpful. She could not describe the joy that feeling brought. They also helped her handle the hurt she felt with Jumoke’s betrayal.

Adanna had read Peter’s accusations against Jumoke and Femi. She wanted to help them however way she could but she honestly could not get past the “unmarried woman” tag that they had thrown at her.

“Let their married status save them from the dilemma, na”, Adanna’s mind retorted.

“Don’t be nasty; you can’t live life carrying all that baggage around”, Adanna’s recreated spirit responded.

She really wanted to help but the whole thing was quite sordid. She decided to support them with prayers.

She had met with James and signed an agreement with him. They agreed on her fees and he paid her immediately. She had interviewed him on her blog and the feedback was quite discouraging. No one ordered for James’ book. She offered to pay him back but he refused the offer. He thanked her for the offer, though.

Adanna shared her experience with James’ book in the Startup Corner group and she got pointers on what she and James could have done better to improve sales for James’ book.

Adanna added James to the Startup Corner group and they remained friends. They had quite a few things in common. She did not realize that food was one of them. The cooking hangout was going to let her know for sure. James had volunteered to make White soup.

She liked both Wale and James. Wale could be clingy and territorial, no doubt, but she had learnt how to set him straight kindly. James was the kind of man she had always imagined getting married to – saved, educated, focused, easy on the eyes, assertive but kind, not full of himself. Now, he was drawing her heartstrings with this White Soup he offered to cook. She had to be careful not to throw herself at his feet on Saturday.

Adanna was excited and nervous!

Jumoke was tired!

Femi found fault with all she suggested to deal with Peter’s fake stories. Femi had deactivated all his social media accounts, as instructed by his company. She thought it was a weak move so she refused to deactivate her accounts.

That led to a fresh quarrel. After two days of standing her ground, Femi moved out of the house. He left her two slaps to remember him with when he left the house. He left with a travelling bag. He had been gone for two weeks now.

Jumoke had tried his numbers but it appeared he had barred her calls. She had reached out to everyone she could but all they had for her was condemnation. The crisis was all her fault, according to them. If she had kept her marital issues to herself, there would have been no crisis. They advised her to watch war room and continue praying.

She always left each person feeling worse. She would log on to social media and read in her Christian women groups how it was up to the woman to keep her home. She would feel even more drained.

She was on autopilot at work. She could not afford to lose the job so she had to find a way to pull herself together. She spent most of her bathroom breaks crying and praying.

She had sent Peter a WhatsApp message three days ago asking him what he hoped to gain with his smear campaign. He had told her to brace herself for more.
She logged in to Twitter this morning and saw doctored chats she never sent flying around. According to the doctored chats, she had offered to sleep with Peter if he would stop the smear campaign.

Jumoke was tired! She decided to deactivate her social media accounts. She quickly deactivated the Twitter and Instagram accounts. As she logged on to Facebook, she decided to check her notifications.

“Tope has invited you to Precious Daughters of God International” was the first notification she read.

“I’m sure this is another Women Blaming Ministry”, she thought. ” Let me amuse myself and look”.

The title of the first post she read was “You are precious in His sight”.

James was excited. He could not wait for Saturday to come. He really liked Adanna and he had offered to cook White soup simply to impress her.

He honestly could not boil water without burning it at the time he offered but he knew that Adanna would be impressed by a man that can cook. He could infer from her poems and status updates that she believes in husbands and wives splitting bills and chores. She is “Today’s Woman”.

He had watched her for a while before asking her to help him promote his book. Everything was going according to plan. He simply needed to practice how to make the White soup. He had got his sister, Tricia, to take him through the steps.

James was excited!

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