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I remember one Men’s Conference in church where women and children were invited to air their issues with their husbands and fathers. Children were allowed to aim shots at their mothers too, lol.

One child asked why his mum always beats him when she could have just spoken the word. We all know him to be a mischievous child and only him has that kind of mind to report his mum to us. The Head Teacher in the Children Church answered him and asked him not to misbehave, if he doesn’t like being caned. She balanced it by asking parents not to beat kids indiscriminately. I know people will still tell us that it’s not good to cane children. Feel free to air your views RESPECTFULLY.

The question that caused me to write this update came from a woman. She asked why it is that when a family are experiencing financial challenges, it is usually the woman that picks up a side hustle to make ends meet. You’ll see us selling weaves, Oriflame products, marketing real estate, selling books, selling food ati be be lo. She asked why men who have gone to school will tell you that they can’t become Uber drivers or tell their friends about Oriflame or available real estate property (Not her exact words bet abeg allow me sell my market, mbok).

A man responded by saying that many men were not raised to hustle like that. Many educated men are focused on white collar jobs because they were taught to read their books, make good grades, get a good job and provide for their families.

In the “few minutes” that I’ve been involved in online business, I have seen more dedicated businesswomen than businessmen online. My uplines for Jumia, Oriflame and Real Estate network marketing are all women. Most of my dedicated downlines are women. Most of the people that I get Facebook notifications that they post diligently in business groups are women.

If you know any dedicated business man that is growing his business online, feel free to give him a shout out in the comments.

Brothers, if you are feeling discouraged because you have tried and it seems not to be working, there is a story in the Bible that came to me as I was thinking about this imbalance. You can read about it in 1 Samuel 4. The Israelites and the Philistines were fighting a battle. When the Ark of God arrived at the battlefront, the Israelites rejoiced and it appeared that the battle had turned in their favor. The Philistines were discouraged and they believed they had lost the battle. However, they encouraged themselves to rise up as men and fight, inspite of the defeat that appeared to be staring them in the face. Amazingly, they won that battle and captured the Ark. In the long run, the Ark became wahala for them but that outside the scope of today’s “sermon”, lol. The point I’m driving at is that you, my brothers, cannot afford to give in. Quit ye as men and fight financial insolvency.

There is a young man that is doing well in the Oriflame business. You can watch this video where he speaks about his business. You can watch and be encouraged. Then, come and sign up with ME oooo… Lol. The other day, I saw a young man talking about how his Oriflame business is thriving when I went to the SPO to pick up my order. Don’t let anyone tell you that Oriflame is only for women. Quit ye as men and fight financial insolvency with Oriflame. If you will like to discuss further, please send an email and let’s fight together. The sign-up fee is 3000 Naira only.

You can sign up as a Real Estate network marketer with zero point zero zero Naira. If network marketing is not really your thing, you can buy property and build for yourself or rent out to others. Na your hand e dey. Please send an email.

If you will like to learn how to maximize your online presence or will like to learn tips to grow your business, send an email.

It’s up to you to decide how 2018 will end. Na your hand e dey.

Welcome to my world!




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