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About Instagram Insights (Part 1)

I looked at the Instagram Insights for one of my profiles – @ttmgroomingshop
I think there are valuable lessons to share.
First, let me teach you how to get insights before I go into explanations.
So let’s see how well the TTM Grooming Shop is doing and what I need to do better
I gained 47 followers in 1 week (June 9-15, 2018). Multiplying that by 52 weeks in a year
47*52 = 2, 444 followers
If I add the 487 followers I already have, that brings me  to 2931 followers by next year IF I stick with just what I did last week to get 47 followers.
Someone may think that’s impressive but if my target by next year is a 10,000 follower strong @ttm_grooming_shop IG handle, I obviously need to do more and gain about 200 followers weekly to hit my target. If you have ideas (other than buying followers and anything illegal), please share or send an email.
Gender Split1
The Gender split is
Men – 36%
Women – 64%
My focus for the profile is beauty, fashion and personal grooming. The most likely gender to patronize me are women so I’m kind of on track with this gender split.
I don’t think I really want to distort the gender split. Otherwise, the likelihood of getting sales conversion will be greatly reduced. Please share your thoughts about this as a comment or send an email.
Let’s talk about the age range I have.
My followers are mainly Women aged 18-44.
I checked for the Men and the largest group are also 18-44.
If I want great engagement, most of my content need to cater for this demographic group (Men and Women aged 18-44). I have to focus on what they like, their pain points etc.
Thankfully, I fall in this demographic group. So, this is one of my easiest IG handles
(Note that you’ll always find it easier to sell products to people like you so it’s best to engage in a business that people like YOU would buy).
A great example from @naijabrandchick is the church lady trying to sell sexy lingerie to church ladies. You will struggle, though your persistence may eventually pay off.
Let’s talk about locations next. Majority of my followers are based in Lagos. I have Lagos delivery sorted so I am likely not to have delivery wahala.
However, the fact that I still have a small percentage of followers outside Lagos means I need to sort out my nationwide delivery issues quickly. Anyone with reliable and affordable nationwide delivery options (Nigeria) can send an email.
Also, knowing the top locations can help you decide on where your next event should be. You can share your thoughts on what else the follower location can be used for in the comments.
Followers Hours
Next, let’s analyze when my followers are typically online.
From the chart above, majority of my followers are on Instagram on Mondays to Fridays.
Saturday is the day with the lowest numbers.
Let’s look at the hours they are usually on Instagram daily.
Followers Monday
On Mondays, I’ll start posting between 6am and 9am. That’s when my followers are getting started with Instagram.
I’ve put out a lot of information. Let’s digest this and we’ll continue with Instagram Insights later next week.
If you are a business owner based in Nigeria and will like to join the Startup Corner Community, please send “I’m interested in joining the Startup Corner Community” in an email.

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