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Ene Otokwala shared with us in the Startup Corner WhatsApp group about her experience on Digital Disruption
A little of my experience with digital disruption.

Last year I received an email of a draft copy of a partnership agreement possibly downloaded from the internet by a client and requesting that I make some inputs and legal opinion. You see, the fee for offering a legal opinion on any subject to a client and having to be the original maker of the document is not one and the same.

In my case, I used my lawyer sense to my advantage and charged for the franking (Authentication by a legal practitioner by a signature) of the document.

In this digital world, anyone and anything can and could be replaced. People now have access to information that ordinarily was privileged to a certain class or professionals.

Also, I’m a dealer in Chebe powder and with the help of the internet, I’ve sold and marketed lots of the product without having to move from house to house looking for buyers.

My family, at first, were worried that I might get distracted from my law practice but I tamed their fears by letting them understand that this is a digital world and there’s nothing anyone cannot do.

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