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MaryJane Okobi

“Body pain, e dey cure am. Chest pain, e go clear am. Kidney failure, fibroid, fat for body, Work Well Herbal Medicine go cure am.”

I’m always sad when I see people -even the seemingly learned- rush to patronise roadside and commercial bus drug sellers. The seller only needs to reel off a list of the wonders of his drug and cash rolls out.

You see, dearie, the belief that there’s a cure-all; a short way to defy processes and still record success is one that has given many a free access to 6-feet mansions.

Be wise. The human body is like a rubber band. It can take a stretch here and another there but will eventually snap if not controlled.

addiction aid bottle capsule
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Don’t go round giving your liver and kidneys unnecessary detoxification tasks. Stop buying and using drugs that are not prescribed by a qualified health practitioner.

The cost of kidney and liver transplant no be here; dialysis isn’t cheaper. Promote the health of your kidneys and liver. Don’t take in substances whose toxicity you can’t tell.

A word is more than sufficient.



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