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My “Friend”, Ms A – Part 1

I had this “friend”. Let’s call her Ms A. We met while I was at the University. She joined us when I was in Year 2.

She was my coursemate. Of course, by Year 2, cliques had formed and I can imagine how daunting it was for her as a direct entry student. I joined the class a few months after the session started and I know how tough it was for me to find friends. But that’s a story for another day.

Ms A tried to join my clique. The problem with my “clique” is that we were not really a clique. Everyone was welcome so there wasn’t any real depth in the clique. Each of my friends was my friend and some of my friends were also friends. Some did not like my other friends but it was not my problem. Lol.

Back to Ms A. She became a part of this “non-clique” of ours. I think she really needed a clique but she chose the wrong “clique”. I always felt she was trying too hard. My friends and I can see one another in school area, greet ourselves and continue hanging out with whoever we were hanging out with before and we’ll be fine. Ms A seemed to expect me to introduce her to whoever I was hanging out with and ensure the conversation is modified to include her. That’s soooo not me.

There was a time NLC was on strike and we couldn’t leave the school premises. At the time, all the reasonable banks were outside school (OAU people – that’s “Town Igboro, lol). Only the then dead OAU Cooperative Bank was on campus. A frustrated student once said they should close down that bank and turn it to a Suya spot. I heartily concurred.

I had moved my money to FirstBank of Nigeria at the time the story I’m about to narrate happened.

My friend, Ms B, came to me in class to ask me to borrow (abi na lend) her some money. My ever faithful spirit warned me that if my money enters Ms B’s hands, that’ll be the last time I’ll hear of that money.

I listened to my spirit, reminded her about how I couldn’t get to the bank because of the NLC strike and I asked her what she needed the money for. Her answer was neither here nor there. I asked her if she could wait till after the strike. She said she couldn’t wait.

While I was interrogating Ms B, Ms A joined us. She volunteered to borrow (abi na lend) Ms B the money. They went off and borrowed/lent themselves the money. Ms B promised to pay back after the NLC strike. They were using their close friendship to pepper me but I happily smiled, knowing that my money was safe in my bank account.

About two weeks after the NLC strike, the two both of them (Ms A and Ms B) started making noise before her Imperial majesty, AMA. I calmed them down and asked them why they were disturbing our auditory cortex with their buccal cavities…

Ms A reminded me of the money she lent (abi na borrowed) Ms B. Ms B had stopped saying anything about the money. I asked Ms B what she did with the money. Turns out Ms B had borrowed the money to take a man out and had no plans of repaying.

I really can’t remember if Ms B ever repayed the money but I strongly doubt that she did.

I’ll try to conclude this story as soon as I can. You can share your thoughts about the story in the comments or send an email.

Welcome to my world!


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1 thought on “My “Friend”, Ms A – Part 1”

  1. lol….that served Ms A right. she was the one looking for attachment and she actually found one. As I am, don’t lend people things I cannot give out if perhaps the person doesn’t pay back. that’s a lesson for her tho!


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