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How To Lose Weight Slowly


Ruona J. Meyer

This is a realistic method that will fit into your lifestyle.

1. What is the one meal you cannot do without? Shift it to the time when you will be working or active, so it burns off. E.g mine is I have my carbs as lunch. My eba, pizza, I will have at these times.

2. Replace one or two meals with sliced cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, strips of boiled, seasoned chicken, avocado and fat free salad dressing (if none, replace with a tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil and black pepper.) Yes, I add dry pepper to salad for taste. You can also replace chicken with egg, or add feta cheese….olives can replace the cheese.

3. Another meal replacement is chicken peppersoup…make it as light as possible…e.g no tomato, not too much salt, because you can then eat the peppersoup with half a cup of oats powder or a small ball of garri about the size of your palm…or with half a cup of cooked basmati or ofada rice if you are Delta like me that eats rice and peppersoup.
You can start by replacing only one meal, then replace 2 meals with these. For variety, okro soup with little to no oil and chicken can be eaten alone or with the earlier options when hungrier. Drink at least 3 litres of water over the day…500ml as soon as you wake, and take any daily vitamin supplement with your heaviest meal. Trust me, the weight and fat will come off. If you get tempted, just resume the next day.

This is exactly how I run it. If I used to eat a whole pizza as main meal I eat three quarters until the weight is off.

If you choose to replace meals? When you are hungry in-between? Snack on frozen berries or pawpaw, or fresh garden eggs and apples. I also boil chicken pieces, season and remove the skin and snack on these like in the middle of the night. I do not remove skin from chicken for my peppersoup or okro soup, but for the snacking pieces, I remove, to reduce calories

I use this method when I have no time for exercise but remember…the weight will fall off slowly, but to me that is safer and more realistic.



My third meal replacement is grilled fish. Medium sized, or small…not big at all, just marinated in blended rodo and salt and slow grilled in the oven. Never use catfish
..too much oil

This is how I create balance:
A meal for me is like two medium-sized chicken wings or one medium thigh, inside some peppersoup. If I am eating with the small swallow I then eat only one chicken wing or one piece of fish, or find a smaller thigh. Small bowls for the portions are essential, otherwise you are not making a calorie deficit. Another tip is this: if I had an overeating day, I simply replace two meals the next day, or over the next few days….instead of one meal.


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