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Weekend Stories: The Lady With The Three Cars

I’m reviving my #WeekendStories segment. Some stories are true life stories, some are fictional accounts. I won’t tell you which is which. The aim of the segment is to have fun and learn lessons.


Story! Story!

Samuel had made Allison’s life miserable. He had dated practically every woman living in the compound.

Allison had begged, cajoled, prayed, fasted, done midnight praying/cursing. She had begged Samuel’s mother to talk to him. She had involved the pastor.

In fact, Samuel had infected her with STDs 3 times.

Now, she was done!

She decided to live her best life and take care of her kids. She faced her business squarely and poured all her passion into it.

She was a distributor for 7 fast moving consumer good companies. She began to save up for a car to make her deliveries easier.

While waiting for her car to arrive, she got emails from two of the companies informing her that she won cars as the distributor with the highest sales for each company.

She tried to keep her news to herself but unknown to her, some of Samuel’s friends that work for each of those companies told him about the cars.

She planned to sell one of the cars and use the money to expand her business. Samuel insists that she must give him the car as it is unfair for her to have 3 cars while he has none.

Should Allison give Samuel the car? Why? Why not?
You can send your stories (true life or fictional) to, if you want them featured on #WeekendStories.

Welcome to my world!



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