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Weekend Stories -Sayo and Ijeoma

It’s time for another edition of #WeekendStories. This story is both true and fictional.
Sayo and Ijeoma were really close friends. They were the last 2 occupants assigned to Room F302. Everyone else had formed a bond with the others before Sayo and Ijeoma moved in and they were not willing to include Sayo and Ijeoma in their circle.

Sayo and Ijeoma were also in the same faculty. Sayo was a 300 Level Physics Student while Ijeoma was a 100 Level Mathematics student. They realized that they had so many common interests. Sayo helped Ijeoma settle in really quickly and gave her some of her notes and textbooks for 100 level to make photocopies.

By second semester, Ijeoma met Gbenga, a 300 level International Relations student. After a lot of dramatic twists and turns, Ijeoma accepted to date Gbenga.


Sayo did not approve of Gbenga because he was known all over the school as a chronic womanizer. Sayo told Ijeoma to stay away from Gbenga but Ijeoma waved away Sayo’s concerns. Sayo tried for a few months to get Ijeoma to call off the relationship. She backed off after a heated argument with Ijeoma where Ijeoma used a few secrets that Sayo had shared with her to score points. A crowd gathered to witness the show of shame.

Sayo was really hurt and she kept her distance from Ijeoma. She learnt to mind her business and she maintained her lane.

A few years later, Ijeoma reached out to Sayo, complaining about Gbenga hitting her and cheating on her.

Would you get involved if you were Sayo? Why? Why not?
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Have an enjoyable weekend.



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