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Weekend Stories – Ibukun and Sayo

Good day. It’s time again for #WeekendStories. Today’s story is a fictional account of a true life story.
Ibukun and Sayo have been married for a year. During courtship, Sayo was really caring and compassionate. He was so in tune with Ibukun’s needs and she could do no wrong in his eyes.

About 4 months after they got married, he started finding faults with many things Ibukun was doing. He has complained about her housekeeping skills, though they work for about the same number of hours daily. He complains about the meals, though friends and neighbours praise Ibukun’s culinary skills. He thinks she is wasteful, though she rarely asks him for money.
Ibukun feels drained every day and feels so dejected and alone as she had to move to another city after marriage.

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