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Weekend Stories – Bernard and Florence

Florence is a 35 year old widow with a 6 year old daughter. She lost her husband 5 years ago to cancer.

Things have been challenging since she lost her husband. She had to fight her in-laws in order to stop them from subjecting her daughter to the barbaric customs that were associated with burying her husband. Since then, her so called loving in-laws have cut both her and her daughter off.

For 5 years, she has shouldered the responsibilities of parenting with minimal support from her own family and none at all from her in-laws.


She met Bernard during a bid clarification meeting with one of her organization’s major clients. Bernard’s company also bidded for the job. Eventually, both companies did not get the job but she and Bernard kept in touch.

They maintained their friendship for a year, meeting for lunch dates and sometimes seeing movies together.

Bernard is fun to be with. They are almost like a match made in heaven. Bernard owns his business, pays Florence attention and cares a lot about her daughter. He has asked her to be his woman.

Florence asked for time to think about it. As she dug into his history, she found out that he is 31 years old?

Should Florence accept his proposal or should she turn him down?

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