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Weekend Stories -Mercy and Steve

It’s time again for #WeekendStories. Today, we’re sharing about Steve and Mercy. You can guess if it is a true life story or fiction. I’ll reveal that next week and choose the winner randomly. Send an email with your answer.


Steve would always come up with a reason to quarrel with his wife, Mercy, once the baby was a year old. He would stay away from home till the baby is about 5 years old then come back seeking reconciliation.
They have 4 kids – 3 girls and a boy.

This was the pattern when the first 2 girls were born. When the boy was born, Steve did not leave home. When the third girl was born, he left home as usual.

Now that the little girl is about 5 years old, Steve is back with stories. Mercy is not accepting his stories this time. She has blatantly refused to accept him back and has engaged a lawyer to help her file for divorce.

The lawyer recommended marital counseling as an option. If that fails, then they’ll go ahead and file for divorce.

In the course of counseling, Steve revealed that he is attracted to young girls between the ages of 1-5. He found that out when he was about 15 years old and his aunt would leave his young nieces with him. He had molested about three of his female cousins who were aged 1-5 years. He found out that he was not attracted to girls between the ages of 6-18 years. He is also attracted to women aged 18 and above.

He had tried all he could to suppress the urge. When his first daughter was born, he started feeling the urge to molest her after her first year birthday. He tried really hard to suppress it but when it got too much for him, he left home. He was too ashamed to admit that to anyone so he cut off from them. The same pattern repeated itself for his other daughters.

He is now ready to seek help for his condition and hopes Mercy would stand by him and keep his secret. After all, the marriage covenant now makes them one flesh.

What do you think Mercy should do?



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