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Weekend Stories – Gbenga and Ireti.

It’s time for #WeekendStories again. As usual, you can guess if the story is truth or fiction. Send your answers in an email.

“I’ve seen what Titilayo saw that made her leave you, Gbenga”

“Nope… You’ve seen A TIP of what Titilayo saw, Ireti. My darling Titilayo was an angel. Ori e lo n ja fun (Her ‘head’ is fighting for her). My darling Titi would wake up early in the morning, pray for me, prepare my food (breakfast and lunch), get my bath water ready, pack my lunch, iron my clothes, put the paste on my toothbrush, make sure my shoes are shined. All I had to do was roll off the bed, get into the bath, brush my teeth, dress up, eat, pick up my lunch bag and go to work.
At work, I don’t need to worry about anything going wrong at home. Titilayo would handle all and I’ll only get to know about issues after they have been resolved.
I’ve never met a more resourceful woman.
These days, I have to get everything and do everything myself.
Ireti, I have not known peace since I married you. Not one moment of peace”

“Uncle Gbenga, the Titilayo that was such an angel, how did you reward her? Did you not send her away when she was past her prime and marry the young, fresh and mysterious Ireti? You can’t talk again, sir? Please I want to catch up on my Telenovela, you’re disturbing my life sir.
Hurry up, the water you boiled for your bath is getting cold”

Gbenga had no comeback for that. He had really treated Titilayo poorly. She practically worshipped the ground he walked on. She had put her life on hold to build him up.

He was the broke son of the corner shopkeeper. She was from a middle class family. He was fortunate to have got a scholarship just after they got married that took him and his young family abroad.

Titilayo worked herself tirelessly to put him through postgraduate school and also pay the bills. She worked two jobs back then. He did not need to lift a finger.

Of course, he graduated magna cum laude. Job offers started pouring in. He was the “beautiful bride” that all the financial suitors wanted. He started to notice a few deficiencies in Titilayo. She suddenly was not pretty enough to mingle with the crowd he was mingling with…

“Oga Ade, please some of us want to use the bathroom too… I have an important event this night, sah”

Ireti’s sarcastic comment brought Gbenga out of his reverie…

Last week’s story was a fictional account of a true life story (with a few embellishments). We have no winners.



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