Startup Corner

Start Up Corner Mentorship Class 2

We’ll continue with our mentorship classes.

Now that you know what you’re already good at and like to do, it’s time to align your goals to your strengths.

By now, you should have listed some goals for your business. If you haven’t, please go ahead and list them.

If you have not analyzed your strengths, please go ahead and do so now. Then ask if your goals play to your strengths.


This is a great time to think about making your goals more specific or adjusting them. If you said you wanted more sales, break that down. How do you reach out to your current customers to get them to buy more? How do you reach new customers and make them members of your “trybe”?

Then start thinking about when you want to achieve it. Is this something you can do in six months? Or is this something that will take a few years? There are no wrong answers.

Once you’ve identified your big goals, you’ll start breaking them down into individual tasks and milestones so you can track progress.

You can send an email if you’ll like to join our Start Up Corner mentorship class on WhatsApp.



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