Weekend Stories: Allison, The Successful Mumpreneur

Let’s continue with the story of Allison, The Lady With The Three Cars.

Allison stood her ground and refused to allow Samuel use any of her cars. He begged her and invited practically everyone that knew Allison to help him beg her. He actually cut off from all his girlfriends and was very loving and supportive.

The pressure on Allison was unbearable. Everywhere she went, someone was telling her something warm and wonderful about Samuel. She softened her stance and gave Samuel one of the cars.


In the course of her business, Allison met Tayo, a fast food restaurant owner. He quickly became one of her top customers. Tayo is a widower with grown children. He threw himself into his business and the business rewarded him.

During one of the vendor appreciation programs Tayo’s restaurant had for their top vendors, Allison’s company emerged the Best Performing Vendor and won an all expenses paid trip to Dubai for two. She was really excited.

She picked up her phone to call Samuel and break the news to him. She saw a text from Samuel:

“It was great meeting up with you. I can’t wait for another steamy session tomorrow”.


Check out our available deals and opportunities

She couldn’t believe she was going into another Samuel drama so soon.

Allison has to decide if she wants to go with Samuel for the trip to Dubai or if she should find a replacement.
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