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Reuben could not believe it! The road was uncharacteristically free. The places that were sure sources of traffic jams were suspiciously free. He got home 2 hours earlier than he would normally get home. He was home by 6:15pm in Lagos. Wow!

He decided to go into the house noiselessly and surprise Shirley. Then, he would ask her to take a break as he bathes James, their 1 year old, feeds him and basically do all the house chores she would typically do.

As he got home, he met the door locked, which was unusual. He would normally only have to turn the knob and he’ll be in. He was glad he remembered to go with his copy of the house keys.

He opened the door noiselessly and went in search of Shirley and James. He could not wait to see their faces. He heard some noises in James’ room and made his way there.

What he saw in James’ room nearly made him pass out.


He saw Shirley stroking James’ little penis and moaning. He watched her do that for about 5 minutes before she continued dressing him up. That was when she realised that they were not alone.

Reuben was crying when she looked up and saw him.

“Why Shirley?”, was all he could say.

“I’m really sorry Reuben”, was her first response.

Reuben finished dressing up James and fed him. He kept James by his side all through the rest of the day. He called the office and let them know he would come in late the next day. He was going to get James registered in a creche and make arrangements to sort him out.

Shirley kept singing like a canary through the night. She told him how she started the terrible habit. She had experienced a kind of pleasure she could not explain the first time she stroked James’ penis accidentally as she was dressing him up. She had resisted the urge for so long. One night, when she was frustrated after another unsatisfactory time with Reuben, she went to James’ room, pretending to go and check up on him and started feeding the habit. At this point, she was now addicted and could not really stop. She kept asking for forgiveness but Reuben couldn’t even process that.


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” Oga, no be Anthony you say you dey go”, the voice jolted him out of his deep sleep.

Reuben had been dreaming. He was at his bus stop. The journey was uncharacteristically smooth and he had fallen asleep. The road was so free. He got home and met the door locked. He checked the time. It was 6:15pm…
This one is a fictional account straight out of the imagination. We’ll love to hear from you. Leave a comment or send us an email.




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