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For Network Marketers: Tips For Sharing Your Opportunity With Strangers

Last week, I had a business meeting with a lady in an eatery. We had envelopes etc in front of us o so it wasn’t like we were sitting and “pressing phone”.

One network marketer came and asked if she could have whether it’s 10 minutes or so of our time. We told her we were busy. She stood her ground and asked us for whether it’s 20 seconds or so of our time. I was actually curious to know how she would make her presentation in 20 seconds so I asked her to go ahead.

She kept rambling for about 5 minutes or so. I actually had somewhere else to go after the meeting so I politely asked her to please cut it short as we had to get back to her meeting.

I will be reviving the series I started for #NetworkMarketers. We need to have honest discussions so we can be more productive this December and in the coming years.

Let’s start with a few tips that could have made the encounter I had go better.

1. Before you make presentations to strangers, collect your thoughts. Make a “Power Point presentation” in your head. Write down your points and practice talking about them. Start with the benefits and end with the sign up requirements.


2. When approaching strangers, be polite. Hopefully, they will respond politely. If they welcome you, please go ahead. If their response was not really welcoming, don’t force yourself and your opportunity on them. You should go with some printed material so ask if you can leave them the material so they can read at their leisure time.

3. If they welcome you to share your opportunity, be BRIEF. Don’t tell them everything in the handbook. Focus on the salient points, benefits first.

4. Make sure you refer the prospects to a website, an Instagram handle, a Twitter account, a Facebook page, a phone number etc both in your presentation and the printed material.


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5. Ask for contact details- phone number, email address, Instagram handle etc. If they give you, that’s excellent. If they don’t, move on. The time you spend trying to convince an uninterested person is time lost in finding an interested person. Thank them for their time and move on.

6. Remember to follow up on the prospects that left you their contact details within 24 hours. You have a greater chance of success if you do.

All the best with your opportunity. If you’ll like to join our team of affiliate marketers, please send an email.


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