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Adanna and Friends Episode 6

The Cooking Hangout was a hit. James had started with the White Soup and Adanna could feel her “Mumu button” leaving her soul and heading to James’ hands. She was mesmerized.

Midway into his performance, he started to falter. Before long, he confessed that his sister had given him the tutorials but he forgot the next steps. They all heaved a sigh of relief when one of the ladies told them that she knew how to make the White Soup.

James was very sad. He sat by himself afterwards. Adanna felt sorry for him. She went to sit with him and tried to encourage him to join them.

He told her that he really, really wanted to impress her. He knew how important it was for her to be with a man who knows his way around the kitchen. She told him that though it is important to her that a man knows his way around the kitchen and is able to do house chores, honesty is more important.

She managed to convince him to rejoin the party. He tagged along with her for the duration of the hangout.

Wale sent Adanna a message telling her that he would be unable to make the hangout because his therapist had suddenly fixed an appointment for the same day.

Adanna was relieved that Wale did not make it to the hangout. She would have been torn between Wale and James.

The hangout ended up better than it started. Everyone had a hilarious story to tell. Bonds were formed too.

Femi could not believe that Jumoke would defy his order about deactivating her social media accounts. How could she choose social media accounts over her marriage and her family. She was definitely mixing with the wrong crowd.

He had planned to be away from the home for just a few days. He had expected her to come to her senses and deactivate the accounts within 24 hours.

He was shocked when one of his cousins called him to tell him about the chats between Jumoke and Peter. He had to stay away from Jumoke and her mess before he lost his job because of her folly.

He was so relieved when his supervisor told him that in order to manage the situation, he had been transferred to Ilorin. He did not tell Jumoke about the transfer. He just packed his things and ran to Ilorin.


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James did not believe his luck. He could see his plans walking back to hell fire through the same route they used to enter his soul. How could he have forgotten what Tricia had taught him?

He had genuinely given up when he went to sit by himself. He was already telling himself to find a way around this setback. Then, Adanna came to him and revived his plans. He could have sworn that “Olowogbogboro” approved of his plans.

Tricia had apologized to him when he got home. There was no network where she was so she did not see the chats he sent to her when he forgot the next steps. The chats were delivered by 6:30pm, long after the cooking hangout was over. She also got messages from her service provider that James had tried to call her. It was like Olowogbogboro was helping her drive that Adanna away from her brother. Which well brought up lady would expect a man to cook for her and clean the house? Soon, she will expect James to carry pregnancy for her. Tufiakwa! All these “Today’s women” that have refused to know their place.



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