Not For Profits

Charitable Organizations Worth Supporting

Are you thinking of charitable organisations to support?

We have listed a few verified organizations you will definitely be interested in working with.


Malnutrition, social conflicts and poverty severely affect the life of millions of young people and children. Satus Dignus Child Rescue Initiative is a private charity in Nigeria and Belgium that aims to support street children and allow them to be treated with dignity, respect and to benefit from new opportunities.


Follow SATUS DIGNUS on Facebook and on Instagram to know more about their activities and to learn how to volunteer.


Platinum Interventions seeks to prevent and alleviate human suffering and to support and prepare individuals and communities to respond effectively to emergencies, in times of peace and war, without any discrimination as to race, class, gender, religion or faith or political opinions or beliefs or any other similar grounds in Nigeria.


You can follow Platinum Interventions  on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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3. Youth Empowerment And Growth Initiative (YEGI)


Youth Empowerment And Growth Initiative (YEGI) is an organisation that aims to help young people discover and fulfill their purpose.

This January, YEGI will be sponsoring street children to go to school as part of the #Street2School project. You can follow YEGI on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to learn more about their activities.


Follow YEGI on FacebookInstagram and  Twitter.

Start your year on a charitable note. Help alleviate suffering today.

If you know any charitable organizations that you believe should be included on this list, please send an email to learn how to include them on this list.


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