Not For Profits

What Charitable Project Would You Take On If Money Is Not A Problem?

Last month/last year, I found an update I had written in my diary and forgot to post. I quickly posted it and went back to work. I was pleasantly surprised to check my Newsfeed a few hours later and see over 50 comments. It’s something I’m passionate about too.
I asked “What charitable project would you take on if you had money?”. The responses were beautiful. Here they are. Names are withheld and will only be released with the consent of the owner of the name.

1. Providing sanitary pads for young girls who cannot afford them.
2. Health awareness
3. Taking care of orphans and abandoned children. Having a school for them where they are taught different kind of hand work.
4. Taking care of widows and orphans
5. A home to take care of elderly ones
6. A home/shelter for abused women.
7. Sending the dropout and unprivileged to school.
8. A kitchen for poor abandoned old people in urban slums.
9. A library that opens when school is closed.
10. A skills acquisition centre to train the willing in clothes making.
11. A facility to take care of women with undesired/unwanted pregnancy and see to it that they give birth to healthy babies and nurture these children to adulthood
12. Financial, psychological & health support for teenage mothers.
13. Set up a Healthcare Fund in the public sector that caters for people who can’t afford proper healthcare
14. Feed and cloth the less privileged
15. Child sex education in schools.
16. Having a school for different skills.
17. A walk-in shelter for street children providing food, counselling, shelter etc for short periods
18. Working with physically challenged people.
19. Scholarships for those who can’t go to school because of funds.
20. Choose children to sponsor from primary school to university.

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21. Build a home and feed the aged people that are homeless and helpless
22. Ensuring kids of less privileged families go to school up to secondary school.
23. Fostering children
24. Give help to a struggling family
25. Food Bank
26. Open an empowerment program to help empower youths, to prevent the high rates of crimes.
27. Education of rural children.
28. Vocational training and empowerment of widows and single mothers
29. Primary health care for the aged
30. Business set up for indigent DV victims and indigent women in general
31. Halfway house for women faced with DV.
32. Removing children from the streets and giving them quality education
33. Empowerment of the less privileged in paper craft
34. Empowerment programs for orphans who want to learn a skill.
35. Sourcing funds for cancer patients that cannot afford treatment.
36. Feed, cloth and empower the homeless children (conventional schools or skill acquisition)
37. Care for widows and orphans.
38. Educating children and helping them to use their talent/gifts positively and profitably
39. I’ll just be renovating class rooms around the country
40. I would really want to save them young this time giving them skills as well.

41. I will reach out to the orphanage homes. Set up unique vocational trainings, pay fees for them in a good school.
42. I would start career coaching (social service) for secondary school students to educate to have clarity in their career path.
43. Project stop hunger, cooking and feeding people for free.
44. Rehabilitation of amputees with less privilege background
45. Rehabilitation and Education of IDPs.
46. IT skills & coding skills for teenagers across the poverty belt in Nigeria.
47. Aggressive planting of clean, subsidised public toilets across Nigeria.
48. Interest-free loan scheme for DV victims/vulnerable and indigent women.
49. Free vocational training for teenage girls.
50. Child education.
51. Widows and Street children
52. I would go after the freedom of some innocent people in cell /prisons. Many are Still in cells because they don’t have money for bail…some need good lawyers and they would also need rehabilitation (mental, skills etc)
53. I would also provide at least 2 meals a day for those in need (not necessarily beggars but there are jobless, motherless or less privileged people that don’t go begging). The environment would not be beggarly but welfarism spirit
54. Youth hub/space to empower and inspire the next generation positively towards greatness and wholeness.
55. Home for the deportees, stranded and battered women
56. Teaching women sellable skills and giving them soft loans and needed support to start and establish businesses.
57. Start a cottage industry business
58. Build a free sickle cell hospital and create the know your genotype awareness
59. Taking young ladies into prostitution off the streets and skilfully empowering them and ensure there is a follow up
60. I would start up TV and radio village forums: programmes where grassroots can express the challenges they are facing, then we invite stakeholders to help resolve the issues

If you’ll like to join any of the respondents in fulfilling their dreams, please send an email.

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