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Weekend Stories: Shirley Is Overwhelmed

Shirley was tired! It had been one day, one drama with Reuben since he had his unfortunate dream. He kept telling her that there was no smoke without fire. He decided to install a CCTV in the house to monitor her activities. She was tired of Reuben and his drama.

If she had a job or a business, she would have taken her son and moved to a rented apartment. Her parents had made it clear to her when she got married that she did not have a room in their home. Her mother would always repeat the same story to her after every phone call and visit. She was to be a wise woman that would build her home and not abandon ship at the first sign of trouble.

Reuben had put her through her polytechnic studies and they got married immediately she completed her studies so that she would serve in Lagos with her husband. She had never worked for a day with her HND in Business Administration.

While they were courting, Reuben had mentioned in passing that he did not want a wife that would work outside the home before their kids were of Secondary School age. She asked him why he was sponsoring her education when he did not expect her to work. He told her that he did not want anyone to look down on him because his wife was an illiterate. Besides, her HND in Business Administration would come in handy when they started their family business. She had smiled and said something about practicing what she studied. They both laughed and the matter became inconclusive after they went to the bedroom.


Now, she felt trapped and frustrated on one hand and overwhelmed with child care and house chores on the other. Her coursemates kept posting about their achievements in the class WhatsApp group and all she had to share were child care and home management related posts.

She had a fallout with one of the single ladies in the group that posted about women having an independent means of income a few weeks ago. She was able to shame the lady with her marital status but she had been feeling uneasy since that encounter because she felt there was some truth in what the lady shared.

Reuben’s annoying monitoring made her go back to the post and she actually reached out privately to the lady and apologized.


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You can read the first part of Reuben and Shirley’s story here.



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