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TAXIFY: Matters Arising

The way people were hyping this Taxify and Uber ehn. They made me feel like I was living in the stone age for sticking to my way of going to the park to get my taxi jeje. Shame made me download the Taxify app because from all I’ve heard, Taxify drivers have more sense than Uber drivers.

So far, so dramatic. A few times, I had a nice and uneventful ride and actually thanked the driver.

A greater number of times, I had network issues that made connecting to the app difficult. One time, my MiFi was not charged so someone else requested the ride. If any Taxify rep is reading, it’ll be great if there is a way to still request rides while one is offline. You should pay me for that idea but I dash you.

Other times, I try to request the ride and I’m having difficulty locating where I want to go or where I’m to be picked up from on the map. A Taxify User Guide sent by email to all subscribers will be great. See another freebie I’m giving Taxify. Chai!


Other times, I reach the driver and he (it’s usually a HE) is not anywhere close. Taxify, y’all can work on a program that encourages ladies to consider becomingĀ  Taxify drivers. One time, I was in Maryland going to Gbagada. The driver I was assigned was in Gbagada. Like what the heck? Who does that? The one that agreed to pick me got to Maryland and was talking about how he was in a particular estate. Dude, how is that my business? Find my pick up location jo. Of course, I cancelled the ride.

When I was a Taxify JJC, I used to request Taxify and pay more. My sister who is a pro told me to be requesting LITE and paying less. That’s a MONEY MANAGEMENT tip for you. Send a tenth of your 2019 Taxify Savings to me for that tip…. Hehehe

When we had to go from one hospital to another in V/I, the Taxify driver did not know the place we were going, though he was looking at the map. Taxify, Driver Training and Driver Refresher Training is important.

When we wanted to leave the hospital, there was no network. We eventually used the regular yellow cab. One more example of how having a manual way of placing a request would help.

One of the drivers carried us to the filling station and when I asked him who will pay for the time we spend waiting for him to fill his tank, he was like “Ehn, it’s not a long wait”. Is that not what I usually complain about when I take my regular cabs? How is Taxify an improvement? Please, figure out a way for the driver to pause the ride if he/she is the cause of the wait biko. Another freebie for you, Taxify.


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I decided to try Taxify again this morning. I was assigned a driver that was 30 minutes away. I cancelled the ride and requested another ride. I was assigned the same driver twice. I just logged out of the app and we went to the taxi park. Better moto… The cab drivers have become our personal people. No story.

So, I’ll meet y’all halfway. I’ll keep using Taxify as a Plan B. I can upgrade it to Plan A, if and only if I am paid something for every ride I take and give a review about. Yes, pay me when I give you a review (good, bad or just there. You should appreciate honest feedback).

So, if you have some feedback for Taxify, feel free to leave a comment or join the conversation with @realestatesisi on Twitter.


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