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Mutiat Sunshine

You have been feeling a burning sensation while urinating, in addition, you have been feeling sick, body ache, tiredness, fever.

You go to your neighborhood “chemist” and they give you your favorite antibiotics combo, you start treating yourself.

Three days later, you still haven’t felt better. In fact, you are feeling worse. In addition to the previous symptoms above, you are having severe chills, you can barely get off the ground. Your family realizes that ok, this has passed be careful, so they bundle you to the hospital.

Upon getting to the hospital, they run some tests and you are told you have an infection.

You scoff, infact, you laugh, you knew that now, your chemist had given you your usual antibiotics and it didn’t work, shebi that’s why you are here. In your mind, you are saying “it’s like this doctors no know their work o”

Finally, you are told you are to be admitted for Intravenous antibiotics and fluids .. ( ehn this people are now talking, you think to yourself)


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Day 1

You get your IV antibiotics, you don’t feel better. You ask your doctors, they tell you, relief isn’t instatenous, you accept.

Day 3

You notice you aren’t getting better. You discuss with your doctors and they agree. Infact, they were gonna change your antibiotics to a stronger one because they realized bacteria they are dealing with is now stronger than the antibiotics. You say “no biggie”.

Day 5

No relief of your symptoms, ha, is it not that my village people have finally found me, you think to yourself.

You once again discuss with your doctors, the agree again because this bacteria is fighting this antibiotics. You say “again?”

If you are keeping track, this is antibiotics #3.

Brb! I will be back with the conclusion.

Talk amongst yourself till I return…..


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