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Mutiat Sunshine 

At this point, the doctors at the small hospital you are in decided that your case has passed their capabilities, they need a specialist, an infectious disease specialist to be exact.

Especially when you complained to your nurse that you have been having non stop diarrhea. Stool with smell that can wake the dead.

Also this morning when your nurse was assessing you, she noticed white patches on your tongue. You did confirm to her that my mouth has been hurting for a couple of days now but you thought, it was part of your illness.

So it was decided to transfer you to larger hospital that has all specialists on staff.

Upon getting to the larger hospital, you notice you have been placed in a room by yourself and whenever your nurses come in, they are gowned, masked and gloved.

Hmmmm you deduce something is wrong.

You are thinking “All this serenren for a common infection that if they let you see boda Kamilu the chemist, he will give you a combination that will clear everything instantaneously”. But sha you will be looking.


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At this point sha, you feel extra horrible, you are barely peeing, also your nurses are telling you that your temperature has dropped and you feel your heart is beating extra fast.

The nurses are beginning to get worried. They don’t tell you, but you can see it from their face. You are still thinking. ” shebi na common infection, oga o, these people just dey over act sha”.

Finally the specialist walks in, he tells you, you have an infection ( duh).

It started as a simple Urinary Tract Infection, but since it wasn’t treated properly it progressed to pyelonephritis (infection of the kidney) then at this point, you are in full sepsis ( infection of the blood) the infection has now spread all over your body through the contaminated blood.

The specialist went further to tell you, that from the concurrent antibiotic use, you have developed a fungal infection in your mouth and an opportunistic infection in your gut, (C. Diff).which is the cause of your diarrhea. It is easy to treat but…..

As the doctor is talking to you, you feel your self leaving your skin and all of a sudden, you lose consciousness.



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