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Mutiat Sunshine 

When you wake up, you look around and realize you are in the intensive care unit.

“What happened?” you asked

The doctor responds that you went into septic shock and they had to revive you.

You are told that, currently, you are on medications to keep your blood pressure up. You are on tons of fluid to make sure you are hydrated. They have a urinary catheter in you to monitor your urine output.

You see the worry in the doctor’s face and you ask “Doc, please tell me what’s happening”

Doctor responds “As I was telling you before you lost consciousness, you had an infection.”

At this point, it is clear is a Multiple Drug Resistant Organism( MDRO).

The doctor also proceeds to tell you that they have used all the antibiotics they had at hand to try and keep this organism at bay. However, due to the spore this bacteria has formed to protect itself, its difficult to reach the actual bacteria. As they are destroying the spores, the bacteria is producing another to protect itself.

At this point, the doctor continues, they are at loss of what to do.

They said they even contacted the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta USA, they were told that the current antibiotics they are using in your care is the highest form of antibiotics available.

They haven’t been able to create an antibiotics that can match the power of this bacteria. They even termed it a “superbug”.

In your head all you can hear is “aiye mi, temi bami, how did I get here? How did I get to the point where no antibiotics can cure what I got.”

You ask the Doctors what’s next. You are told that at this point all the they can do is to remain hopeful that this last antibiotic will work and your body will join in the fight. If this doesn’t work, there is nothing else they can do for you but offer you comfort till you pass on.


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The next few days are tense and pensive. You are constantly praying that the antibiotics kick in.

However, you find yourself getting more tired each day, you can barely talk, you don’t have energy to utter words. Your favorite abula has lost its charm, you cant find the energy to even eat it.

You see your family through the isolation glass but they aren’t allowed in because you are on lockdown.

Your mom’s face! Trying to hide her sorrow and pain of not being able to hold you.

Your sister! Trying to be brave but you see the tears pooling up in her eyes.

Your brother can’t even look you in the eye. You know him well to know that when he can’t look you in the eyes, something horrible has happened.

” I guess the antibiotics isn’t working” you tell yourself, ” I guess they have told them I won’t survive this.”

As you turn to look at them one more time, you see tears rolling down their eyes.

You close your eyes and just let go……

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Antibiotics misuse is real! Drug resistance is also real!

How do we reduce resistance to antibiotics?

  • Do not take antibiotics for viral infections.
  • Complete your prescribed course of treatment exactly as instructed by your healthcare provider.
  • Do not stop taking your medicine even if you feel better, and do not save any antibiotics for future use.
  • Do not take someone else’s antibiotics because different kinds of antibiotics treat different types of bacterial infections.”

Disclaimer. This story is purely fiction, based on my experiences. This is not about anyone dead or alive.

I look forward to reading your responses. Please send an email.



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