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Tales From The Road: Pre-Election Holiday Edition

I accidentally picked 2 sizes of the shoes I got for Great Madam (my daughter) last week. I managed to save the receipt.

I got to the mall today and discovered that the store opens by 10am. Which serious business does that? The time was like 9:30ish then.

As I went to look for somewhere to sit down till 10am, I jammed one opportunity like that. Entrance amount is 100 million Naira. Anyone interested in learning more should “apply within” by sending an email. 🤣🤣

I still had time to kill after getting the details of the opportunity. So, I decided to get some snacks and eat while waiting since I’m on a “See Food Diet”.

The whole eating gig actually went well. Moin Moin, Meat Pie, Chicken Pie, Coke (Don’t worry, I’ll burn off the fat when I sit with my Integration by Parts, LaPlace Transforms, Hooke’s Law, Le Chatelier’s, Avogadro’s Law etc 🤣)

I paid and my balance (aka change) was 330 Naira. The lady at the counter told me that she would give me my balance/change when I finish my “meal” (aka pseudo junk food).

When I finished eating what I wanted to eat, I went for my balance. That’s how the hanty started talking about “No change”. No “change” for where? Is it because we are going to the “Next Level”? I stood where I was and continued to mount mental pressure till she caved in and gave me 200 Naira. The “No change” song continued. I told her that I would be back for my balance when I finish with the store. It was already past 10am by then.


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The drama I saw in the store needs to be recorded on the blog so that I will remember it forever and ever. I never see that kind of nonsense before.

That’s how I got to the store and I explained what happened. The guy I spoke with was going to  get the correct size for me when one “hunkle” said they can’t change the shoes for me yet as I was the first “customer”.

I was like “You say?” and he repeated himself. My mum used to do that thing where she’ll ask anyone that came to collect “credit” or a loan from her on Monday to come back on Tuesday as she claimed that whatever she allows on Mondays would set the tone for the week. So, I understood where he was coming from. Still, I couldn’t believe I was hearing that nonsense in a store that has outlets everywhere.

I told him to save that narrative for someone that believes in the nonsense as I wasn’t going to take it from him. By this time, another customer had come in and he joined me in laughing at the “African man” I was dealing with. He tried to mediate but neither Hunkle African Man or Hanty AMA was backing down from their positions.

Hunkle African Man mentioned something about the store’s policy not allowing customers to return wrong sizes and change them with the right sizes in the morning. I asked him to bring out the rule book where that was written. I told him that I would drag the store’s name online if I allow his nonsense behaviour to prevail.

The other shop attendant and the other customer were trying to make peace by now but none of us was backing down. The other shop attendant went to look for the right size for me. The other customer bought a bar of chocolate that I am convinced he didn’t need just to buy peace. Hanty AMA turned on her “sarcasm fountain” and asked Hunkle African Man to come and collect the chocolate money so I won’t be the first “customer” that he will now blame for poor sales.

By that time, the other shop attendant had found the right size and I carried my “peaceful self” away from their store. 🤣

I went back for my 130 Naira balance/change (you thought I’ll forget? Lol). The Hanty still did not have balance/change. She was attending to others and ignoring me. I let her know that I was waiting for her and she was wasting my time.

She kept dragging and dragging. I asked her what they sell that costs 130 Naira. She said they have something worth 150 Naira. I waited for her to offer to give me the 150 Naira item but she did not make such an offer. Instead, she said that she’ll owe me 130 Naira then. I guess it made more sense to her for me to leave my 130 Naira with her than for her to convince me to add 20 Naira and buy whatever it is they sell for 150 Naira.

So, I sat down in a way that would obstruct others from getting to the counter to place their orders. I didn’t shout or make a scene o… I continued “pressing phone”.

I guess when she saw I wasn’t caving in, she asked me if I had 20 Naira so she could give me 150 Naira. I gave her the 20 Naira and collected the 150 Naira.

Don’t bother to ask if I couldn’t have left the 330 Naira for her. My answer is N-O with no explanations.

Enjoy the blend of my food and the music from the eatery while we analyze the time I spent dragging for MY 330 Naira versus the 330 Naira.

Welcome to my world!

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