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Know The Entrepreneur – Bless Garba

We are kicking off our “Know The Entrepreneur” (KTE) series.

Our guest today is Bless Garba.

Can you give us a brief introduction of yourself?

My name is Bless E.B.Y Garba. I am a forty year old mother of two amazing kids. I am an author, a real estate consultant and a part time entrepreneur who is into network marketing and other little businesses.

Are you currently practicing what you studied in school?

Yes and a lot more.😊
I am still a real estate consultant at my work place and also a part time entrepreneur.

How did you decide to take the entrepreneurial plunge?

Well, my entrepreneurial plunge has been kind of in built inside me. I have always been a great believer in work and perhaps I can say it’s my destiny.

How has the journey been?

It has been an experience of learning, unlearning and relearning.
A journey of such a great adventure and fun. Though I am yet to reach where I envisioned for myself, I am not where I started from. I have grown and improved.

Can you tell us about the first sale or contract you got as an entrepreneur? What was your reaction?

As a network marketer, when I got my first prospects signed up, I was elated.
When I started to sell chin chin back in the 90s and got the first payments from the shop, I was so pleased.

I am a strong believer in work. Work is always fun and it pays.

Tell us about one challenge you experienced as an entrepreneur and how you addressed the challenge?

One of the challenges I have faced as an entrepreneur has been getting consistent customers/ clients.

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What counsel do you have for a startup business owner? What can they do for visibility, particularly as many of us do a lot of our work online?

As a startup business owner, one thing you should do everyday is to become a person who educates others about what your business products and services is all about. Become the one who is always sharing value about what you are doing.
When you are educating people, it sets you out as an authority in that particular area.

What counsel do you have for a network marketer that wants to prospect online? Dos and don’ts?

As a network marketer, first know that people will not join your company; they join you as a person. So, you need to brand yourself and sell you. People don’t buy from companies, they buy from people they know, love and trust.
Become the person who always adds value back to your business.
A few things I have learnt not to do are what I wrote in my eBook “Busted 5 lies of network marketing”. To get the soft copy send me an email.
One other thing is this – we tend to believe sharing our company name and products all over social media will bring us more customers when instead they can be the root to our failures.
As network marketers, we need to learn how to market our businesses without coming off as offensive. People want to buy but don’t want to be coerced or forced into buying anything.

What counsel do you have for the person that wants to start a business and isn’t quite sure what to do and how to get started?

Well, I believe everyone has been given a gift – a talent that they either know about or probably don’t – but when they search inside and discover what they love doing most  it can be a good pointer to what they can do best.
That said, whatever someone wants to do, my advice is just start first. Gather as much information as you can but start first. We grow when we take action as that propels us to keep growing and getting better.

Has your location being a challenge in running your business? If so, how have you managed it?

Yes my location has been a bit of a challenge. That is due to the fact that most people in the northern part of Nigeria are not fully enlightened about networking and what it entails.
A few who have gotten involved were told half truths and left without answers to their pressing questions and needs, thus some were duped of their hard earned income and shamed before their friends who trusted them.
To manage this I made the decision to start learning a new and better way to do and grow my business. I chose to use social media to leverage the internet and get more people for my business. Also to build my brand towards adding value and making maximum impact to my immediate society and the world at large.

If you’ll like to reach Bless, please send an email.


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