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Bless Garba 

Everyone of us has a great plan for our lives.

Yes we have an intention and desire to be able to make the future amazingly beautiful and sweet that we will give our best years working hard and forget to live or enjoy the moments well.

Yet, we fail to recognise that it takes more than just our hearts desire it takes great devotion, constant work output and loyalty to the course you have decided to take.

To be great at something, it is estimated that you have to put in more than 10,000 minutes or hours working on it over a good period of time.

Meaning your life revolves around that one particular thing until you have gained mastery of it to an extent that it has become easier to get results over time.

To cut the long story short when compared with someone who has not given enough time to meet with the requirements You Will WIN Bigger!

Okay let’s switch the tables on this talk.

The best results you desire for your future financial security can only be determined by how much work you are willing to do today.

But the funny thing is that we only get 24 hours a day every week to live and pursue your dreams and Career aspirations which may not be enough time for you to Create Wealth.

If you are an employee simply because you believe that the more hours you work equals more pay for you and your future is secured in a fat retirement benefits or severance package then think again.

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Until you get involved in the necessary actions that will help you to create your own personal economy you have a long way to go.

Now is the best time for you to come to realise that nothing works well until you decide to Work it.

Perhaps now is the time that you should awaken from your slumber and get back on the grind doing those tasks needed for you to take a proactive approach towards your goals for retiring Rich on your own terms.

Don’t wait for 35 years of active service with hard work then come to the realisation that you waited for too long to get more money set up for your Future.

Learn to untie the ribbon with your own hands. Plan ahead and Secure your future Now!
Be intentional about your goals and dreams.

Imagine that you can change your future Life with your small efforts today, what are some few things that you will start to change immediately?

Drop your thoughts on this post and let’s discuss.

Thanks for sparing your time to read this. I will appreciate your help with feedback so feel free to like, comment and share with others if you got value from this.

Your friend and partner,
© Bless Garba.

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