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Know The Entrepreneur – Seyi Bukoye

Our second guest, Seyi Bukoye (SB), is a business woman, consultant and farm administrator.

Enjoy the interview.


Can you briefly introduce yourself?


I am Oluwaseyi Bukoye, a graduate of Accounting with over ten years working experience.
A business woman, consultant and farm administrator.


Are you currently practicing what you studied in school?

On a part time.

How did you decide to take the entrepreneurial plunge?

I took a plunge into entrepreneurship on a part time basis 5 years after I started working. Before I started working, I made up my mind not to work beyond 10 years in paid employment. That really helped me to be focused and when it was time to finally leave, the decision was easy.

How has the journey been?

To be sincere, the journey has not been an easy one, especially on the consulting aspect of my job. People like to take unnecessary advantage. I have been on a job with a client who keeps going back and forth, though I had completed my own job. I have learnt on the job that terms and conditions must be clearly stated, signed and documented.

Can you tell us about the first sale or contract you got as an entrepreneur? What was your reaction?

I was very excited when I got the call from the first client and I went all the way to prove my competency.
My first contract as a consultant did not go well at all. Being the first opportunity, I took on the job without any written agreement. I started work before negotiating payment. The client took advantage of that and reneged on what we agreed on.

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Tell us about one challenge you experienced as an entrepreneur and how you addressed the challenge?

My major challenge as a consultant is issue of clients not paying up .What my mentor told me is to always raise an invoice as at when due and treat every transaction formally and not with word of mouth.

For my baking shop, the major challenge has been visibility which I am working on.

Until recently, my friends on social media were old schoolmates, colleagues and church member who were not my potential customers. I had to start joining groups relating to my business, adding friends of friends who are bakers.

What counsel do you have for a startup business owner?

Rome was not built in a day. Persistence is the key word.
Also, before you venture out as an entrepreneur, do your homework and have someone in that line who will serve as a mentor.


What can they do for visibility, particularly as many of us do a lot of our work online.

They can join networks and groups that will enhance their visibility.

What counsel do you have for the person that wants to start a business and isn’t quite sure what to do and how to get started?

The first thing is to identify your passion. Your passion will keep you going, even in the midst of challenges. After that, have a plan of action. Understudy someone in that line of business. You can then step out on your own.

Has your location being a challenge in
running your business? If so, how have you managed

No, location has not been a challenge.

To contact Seyi Bukoye, you can send an email.

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