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A Day At The Dental Clinic And The Tax Office

On Sunday, my daughter’s gum was bleeding. We got her to gaggle and gave her some paracetamol. The general consensus was that it was a teething issue. I decided that it made more sense to get a dentist to look at the gum just to be sure. I got the necessary approvals and we headed to the dental clinic yesterday morning.

The Bolt (Taxify) we used tried to convince me that the route he was taking was the right one. I wanted to tell him that he didn’t know what he was talking about but my brain kicked in and told me that the route I wanted to insist on is the one I use when I am boarding commercial buses. I had already dropped voice for him that I will not pay a dime above the amount I saw when I ordered the ride. We eventually paid a reasonable fare. Sometimes, rethink what you are fighting about; you may be the one that is wrong. Let’s file that as #UnsolicitedAdvice2019015

We got to the dental clinic and they asked us to wait at the reception. After waiting for about 15 minutes with no information, I went to ask how far. That’s how I learnt that the dentist that was to attend to us was 2 hours away and the other dentist had gone for “home service”.

Thank God we had Wordscapes to save us. When my daughter started fretting, I ran away from where she was. Thank God the “domestic assistant” decided to go with us. I went to look for something to eat in the pharmacy/supermarket below.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the Peak 4-5-6 that I had been searching everywhere for there. It was also cheaper. I quickly checked the expiry date and it was still good. I was quite excited.

I went back and for the first time in the history of predicting “arrival time”, the dentist came in at the predicted time. It was too good to be real. He attended to us. He said exactly what my people at home said. Initially, I felt silly for insisting on the visit to the dentist but I later told myself that it is better to have got the gum examined and it turned out to be not such a big deal than to assume it’s not a big deal and I later start hearing “Madam, you should have brought her when she first complained”.

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The dentist recommended scaling and polishing for her (mildly) since she was already in the hospital. That’s how we started our wait for the nurse to attend to us o. Again, no one felt we needed to be informed what was going on. I had mentioned to them that I was still going to Ikeja for urgent business o.

When the wait got ridiculous, I went to find out what was going on. I learnt that there was only one nurse in the dental clinic that had 2 dentists. Grossly understaffed dental clinic. Yet, our Minister of Health asked doctors (and nurses) to go and farm. I can’t imagine how it will be if all doctors and nurses run away from our country. We need some quick intervention o.

Anyway, I got upset by the absolute disregard for my time and I asked them to cancel the scaling and polishing. I’m sure they thought I was joking when I went back to the lobby and sat down. I had gone to order our Bolt (Taxify) Ride. Turned out the driver was actually at the dental clinic. The receptionist was surprised when I collected back the HMO card. I asked for the form I was to fill that the clinic would present to the HMO in order to get paid. She brought me a blank form that did not state what services we received at the clinic. I asked her to fill it before I sign and she was hesitant. I knew that if I signed the blank form, she would have included the scaling and polishing in the bill. As I refused to sign the blank form, she told me that I should not worry about signing the form. I asked who would bear the cost of the dentist’s examination and she told me not to worry. We left the clinic but I promised within me to take my daughter back for scaling and polishing on a day that I’m not really in a hurry. To cut a long story short, we are more or less on the same level as my sis that told me that she ran away from the dental clinic and I promised to sub her. She has kuku exposed herself by herself. 😂😂

The Taxify driver gave us the bobo gist about how his A/C just got spoilt when he picked us up. I’ve seen that film before so I didn’t fall for his lies. Apparently, the domestic assistant fell for the lie. When we were close to our destination, his phone “went off”. I was wondering how he would get his cash. I use the cash option though it is more expensive. I don’t like giving my card details to people that can deduct money without getting my approval before deducting. My faith in the integrity of Bolt (Taxify) is unproven and I don’t want “stories that touch”. The phone that “died” miraculously “resurrected” when it was time to calculate the fare. I wonder how the thing was calculated sha as it turned out to be higher than what was estimated when I ordered the ride. I was too much in a hurry so I couldn’t argue with him. So, I paid. When I was talking about the ride with the domestic assistant later, she was taking his side and forming “devil’s advocate”. I asked her why the driver could not use a car charger to charge his phone, knowing how crucial the phone is to a Bolt (Taxify) ride. I know he was up to no good but let me just leave the matter.

I hurried to the tax office and I had to use up a significant amount of my “superpowers” to get there before the office closed. I got there just at the nick of time. I just wanted to drop my remaining documentation. That’s how they started searching for my file ooo. See me praying and speaking in tongues under my breath. When I calculated and realized that if I spent any more time in the tax office, I would miss #AMHalita, I went to the lady searching and I suggested to her that I could leave the documentation with her and she could search with a calm spirit today for my file. I still have to go back to pick up my letter and file my returns. The life of an entrepreneur is not for the faint hearted.

I got home just as #AMHalita started. My people were like “your timing is perfect”. You can read the story so far here and watch the show on AfricaMagic Family (DSTV Channel 154 and GoTV Channel 2) by 7pm on weekdays. Watch the Omnibus on Saturdays and Sundays from 1:30 pm.

Welcome to my world!

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